Blue Skies Mourning

After I finished up my freshman year at West Virginia University, a friend-of-the-family was gracious enough to send me to a summer-long recording studio workshop in Chilicothe, OH. That lit the fire; there was no turning back.

That fall, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I had one goal: record an album. Then I called a recording studio and inquired about rates. New goal: record half an album!

A few months after recording The Blue Skies Mourning EP, my friend gave a copy to a drummer she knew. He crashed one of my keggers, and floated the idea of starting a band. A few weeks later, Blue Skies Mourning (the band) was formed. We used the EP as fodder for our initial live-show material, and played like hell for a solid two years. I miss those guys!

This EP was my first crack in the studio. It turned out well, but one day I would love to re-record it. “Perfect” is as catchy as anything, but needs to rock more, and “Morgantown” is just begging to turn country. “Turn Your Eyes to Me” could go to Robin Thicke? I don’t know.

Give the EP a spin in the widget below. If you like it, you can head on over to my page and download a copy for free! Tell your friends!

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Tracklist & Lyrics

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