Drive Until Daylight


Tracklist & Lyrics

1. Shift Your Gears | Lyrics
2. What Doesn’t Kill You (Makes You More of an Alcoholic) | Lyrics
3. When This Old World Breaks Me | Lyrics
4. We’ve Got a Warm, Clear Summer Night | Lyrics
5. This Old Town | Lyrics
6. My Biggest Fan Is My Mom | Lyrics
7. It’s Time For Moving Out | Lyrics
8. The Second Time | Lyrics
9. You’re Ugly Now | Lyrics
10. The Valley | Lyrics

The Story Behind the Album

Ah, Drive Until Daylight. My guilty pleasure.

For the first 2.5 decades of my life I refused to listen to country music, until one July when my little brother forced me to go to Jamboree in the Hills (also known as the Super Bowl of Country Music) with him.

Wheeling, WV’s own, Brad Paisley, was headlining the first night of the 4-day festival, and I “was not allowed to miss it.” Thank the Lord Almighty that my brother forced my hand, because I was blown away by each of the acts that played that first night. So much so I came back the next day, and stayed for two more.

After Jambo, as we call it in the Ohio Valley, I logged on to iTunes and spent way too much money on every contemporary country artist I could find. I listened and listened and listened to a genre I had never paid any attention to before. Then I started studying the music. Then learning how to play the songs. Then writing songs of my own. Simply put: I became obsessed.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I know, I was back in the recording studio with a fiddle and a banjo, laying down tracks to the album. A few months later “My Biggest Fan Is My Mom” went to radio, and I started touring regionally. It. Was. A. Blast.

I legitimately love this album. The entire experience was just pure fun. Sure, I had only put out pop/rock prior, but that’s the beauty of being an independent artist: go with what moves you at the time!

This whole experience resulted in my most proud musical moment: the song “This Old Town”. I was packed up, ready to leave Morgantown, WV after 5 great years of college. The only thing left in the room was my acoustic guitar. I started playing some simple chords. Then the words just started pouring out. 10 minutes later, the entire song was written. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I hope it will resonate with you as well.

The rest of the album was meant to be an uptempo album to listen to while driving. I hope you’ll give it a few spins – even if you dislike country. You never know: it could be that gateway into an obsession you never knew you had!

Oh yeah! If you really like it, you can download the entire album for free over at my account. Tell your friends!