Ticket to Somewhere

Ticket to Somewhere was my first full-length LP. Even though it came after The Blue Skies Mourning EP, it was made up of a bunch of songs I wrote before I turned 20 years old. Most of the songs on the album were from my earliest batch, and revolve around the subject of me going for (and getting shot down by) girls. In fact, most of the tracks originally showed up as live, acoustic versions on Live From the Living Room, my 2001 debut (which I recorded with a computer microphone).

Side note: to my knowledge, Live From the Living Room is still the best-selling album ever released by a junior at Wheeling Central Catholic High School. </sarcasm>

Three songs from Ticket to Somewhere have over 1.2 million combined spins on Pandora. Oddly enough, they were the three songs I wanted to leave off the album – “Lift Me Up Again”, “Under the Stars”, and “All Through the Night.” Shows you what I know.

This is a very honest album – from the writing to the production, it captured exactly what I liked and felt at the time. I hope you’ll give it a listen from front-to-back, pick out a few favorites, share them with friends, and let them live in your iPod for a while. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and then head on over to my NoiseTrade.com page where you can download the entire album for FREE! 

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Tracklist & Lyrics

1. Carpe Diem (Down to Me) | Lyrics
2. Long Drive Home | Lyrics
3. One in a Million | Lyrics
4. Lift Me Up Again| Lyrics
5. On the 28th| Lyrics
6. Eventually | Lyrics
7. As the Rain Comes Pouring Down | Lyrics
8. Say Goodbye | Lyrics
9. All Through the Night | Lyrics
10. Love-Blinded Fool (On and On) | Lyrics
11. Sunflower | Lyrics
12. Under the Stars | Lyrics