Free Downloads

In this day and age, the most important thing an independent musician can have is a mailing list. It helps track where in the world the fans are, and helps the musician stay in touch with them from time to time when important news hits (tour dates, new song releases, etc.). That’s why I need you to help me out by subscribing to my mailing list!

But I don’t expect you to just do it for the love! No way. You see, here’s my rule: In order to ask something of you, I need to give something in return. That’s why subscribers receive a free digital copy of my album, Ticket to Somewhere, as well as my debut EP, Blue Skies Mourning, in the first e-mail they receive from me!

That means you’ll receive copies of my most popular songs, like “Lift Me Up Again”, “All Through the Night”, “Under the Stars”, “Perfect”, and more! Download them to your computer, add them to your MP3 player, play them for your friends, whatever!

All you have to do to join the mailing list is fill out the form below, look for the confirmation e-mail, and confirm by clicking the link! Boom. You’re signed up, and all of that free music is on its way!

What a steal, right?

– Derrick